Gubba Gold Wins Gold – In a blind tasting, The Fifty Best proclaims Gubba Gold “very smooth”

Gubba Gold Wins Gold


In a blind tasting, The Fifty Best proclaims Gubba Gold “very smooth”

(August 18, 2014)   We don’t call it Gubba Gold for nothing. Besides the irresistible amber color and warm flavors for which fine gold rums are loved the world over, Gubba Gold now has a gold medal to its name.

In a blind tasting of premium aged and gold rums, the connoisseurs at The Fifty Best, who review all things refined from wine and cigars to fast cars, hailed Gubba Gold as one of just two rums with a “very smooth” finish. The only other rum that the 19 judges described that way was a 10-year-old rum from Barbados with an $80 price tag—nearly four times the cost of a bottle of Gubba Gold.

The Fifty Best gold medal came just in time for National Rum Day on August 16, and just months after Gubba Gold and Gubba Silver won a pair of bronze medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, an impressive run for a spirit that debuted on the market only last November. In fact, most of the rums with which it competed in the Fifty Best tasting have been aged in the barrel for years longer than Gubba Rum has even existed, but this didn’t stop the judges from tasting what Gubba drinkers already know: it’s a very, very smooth rum.

The judges tasted the happy result of Gubba Gold’s infusion with natural vanilla too. In their tasting notes, they praised Gubba Gold for its nose of vanilla beans, brown sugar, and subtle caramel, and for its palate of creamy vanilla and honey. Some judges also detected hints of apricot, banana, maple, and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Not sure how that got in there, but anyone who has ever tasted one of their warm glazed doughnuts knows what a delicious compliment that is.

Then there were the notes on the finish, including “soft” and “very smooth.” Impeccable smoothness has been Gubba Rum’s goal all along, so these words were music to our ears.

Maybe the best news of all, however, is how affordable Gubba Rum is compared to the premium rums in this tasting. The other gold rums all sell for $40 or more, compared to about $22 for a bottle of Gubba Gold. Many of the aged rums, meanwhile, sell for $30, $40, $50, and up. Remember that 10-year-old Barbadian rum, the only other rum in the tasting that the judges called “very smooth,” the one that costs $80 a bottle? Well, they tasted its 15-year-old sister rum as well. Like Gubba Gold, it too featured notes of vanilla, caramel, and honey, as well as maple, apricot, and banana, but it will cost you around $130. You can buy six bottles of Gubba Gold with that and still get change back.

Gubba Rum prides itself on being an artisanal, step-up rum that can compete with the most expensive top-shelf brands. The Fifty Best gold medal confirms this and suggests that it might even be a little too humble.

Gubba Rum’s recipe for success was inspired by the native rum that founder Steve Gubb and his wife tasted on a trip to St. Martin in 2011. Determined to bring “The Allure of the Caribbean” to American shores, Gubb returned home and soon partnered with the award-winning Dancing Pines Distillery of Colorado to create an unforgettable, handcrafted pure cane rum infused with natural ingredients. Batches of Gubba Gold and Gubba Silver, both 70 proof, go through a six-month infusion—the Silver with real coconut, and the gold-medal Gold with real vanilla. Neither contains any extracts (unlike some of the rums in The Fifty Best tasting), both are in the process of being certified as organic spirits, and both are earning a reputation for being smoother than silk.

Rum this smooth is the perfect match for many meals and for all sorts of cocktails. Try the Gubba Gold in a Cuba Libre. Or drink it straight or over ice and experience the very, very smooth finish that is winning awards and winning new fans.

Read The Fifty Best tasting results here.


For more information about Gubba Rum or to speak to Steve Gubb, please call 617-964-6299 or email at


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